What should we call this project? Branding ideas …

I’ve been working on branding ideas for the audio description project, in terms of a logo and mission statement, and such, and here’s what I’m thinking:

We like the name UniDescription, because it connects to the history of the UniGrid brochures, which inspired this project, and it’s unusual (easy to get the domain names). It also offers us a mission within its name (to unite the world of audio description).

The prefix of this name Uni can refer to many ideas at once; it links to the UniGrid brochures but also our attempts at uniting everyone in the world interested in audio description. Its foundations are in Universal Design (another UniD), and we hope to bring unity to this field, through our work, unifying researchers, practitioners, users, and supporters. I also think we could pronounce this project as the UniD (sounds like Unity) project.

Some draft logos are below (I’ve already asked for the bottom text to say Audio Description, not just Description); what are you thoughts on all of this? Good direction? Have a better idea? Just let me know! …

UniD logo3 copy.jpg
logo_option5.white copy.jpg



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